Monday, August 25, 2014

Dave's Take

A lot of things happen in our house.  A lot.  All the time. 4 boys and a dog. Craziness happens daily. Here is just a little update as to what is going on with who.

Haefan. He is five. Can read like crazy.  Just like his brothers.  He gets that from me. I can say that because, when first dating and being married, I used to tease Griselda that she had more TVs in her house than books. He loves soccer.  He can actually score.  He gets that from Griselda. She pretty much gets whatever she wants. He has crazy blond hair. He can surf.

Jeydan. He is 7. Still wants to be a professional soccer player. Almost was convinced at becoming a professional surfer after our family reunion in Newport Beach, which was AWESOME!!! Loves to read.  He is cruising through the Harry Potter series right now. Such a cuddle bug. Definitely a lady's man. Loves to play with hair.

Kaelan. He is 9. Sorry to keep saying the same thing, but he LOVES reading. It is like a drug.  The guy really knows how to get lost in a book. I mean really lost.  Like yelling at him from 10 feet away without a clue of what is going on lost. Gets Griselda's goat like no other.

Lathan. He is 11. Started Boy Scouts. Strong and pure but sometimes fearful. Willing to do what is right but has a hard time always standing apart from others. Not that he would participate in wrong doing but more that he would stand by or hide if able. Playing soccer. Loving it. Starting water polo soon. He is really going to be a good water polo player. Dedicated and determined.

de-Griselda. She is beautiful. Wonderful. What more can I say. Trying to clear out the house with a mega garage sale soon. She is looking forward to decluttering and possibly getting some more new things to clutter our house with.

Dave. Me. I am here. Just happy to be along for the ride on this crazy train that is the Skeehan family.
Trying to be more grateful for what I have. Really trying to get out into the outdoors more.  Living on the footsteps to the Sierras is like temptation city.  I hear the mountains calling constantly. Dabbling in the distance running.  Obviously not for speed but I enjoy the challenge.

Loved seeing so many family and friends this summer.  Sorry if we missed anyone. So glad that you guys are all part of our life. Stay in touch always.