Monday, April 30, 2012

Dave's Take

So, it has been a long while since our last post. Obviously a lot has probably happened. Unfortunately I never have the patience to write down everything so here goes nothing.

First off, we are going to be getting a new car. We have it scheduled to be delivered on May 21st. We decided to go with the VW Golf 4 door TDI. Yep, it's a glorified diesel rabbit. Just like the one that my older sister buried in the ground when trying to learn to drive a stick. She ended up taking the whole rabbit concept a little too seriously. Watching her drive the poor car, it did truly appear to be hopping down the street as she tried to master both driving and using a stick and clutch at the same time. Currently driving two SUVs with the mpg being somewhere between 10-16. The idea of a car that gets 30-42 mpg is hard to imagine. We thought about a hybrid but couldn't swallow the look of a Prius and the Lexus version hatchback, although it drove wonderfully, wasn't something that we would consider giving to the kids when they get older. Plus, I am way too young to be driving a Lexus, whatever that means.

Griselda is playing USTA tennis again. She is currently 1-2 on the year. Playing really well. Has some sweet outfits. I have a few favorites. Glad she is playing just with the ladies though cuz she is smoking hot.

Lathan is enjoying school. He is swimming with the Bear River Swim Team. He has a lot of fun stuff planned this summer. He has a week long water polo camp at Stanford university in June. He has another camp at a science center in July. Then we have the Skeehan family beach vacation in August. He is really excited for his upcoming ninth birthday. It's tough watching all his brothers celebrate their birthdays while his is still months away.

Kaelan is also having fun at school. He does really well at Math. He also enjoys reading. He is really focused when doing something he likes and easily distracted if the task seems to mundane or boring. He is swimming as well and is gifted but has a hard time staying focused.

Jeydan loves his school even if he complains about going every morning. He is fascinated by whales and will constantly ask you what kind of whale eats this? Or what kind of whale eats that? Or what is your favorite whale? Currently his favorite is a humpback whale; however, he is fascinated that the sperm whale eats giant squid.

Haefan is growing....finally. He is till our midget. He loves to talk. Flirts with most people. Loves bossing fozzie bear, our dog, around. He split his head open on a church pew today and required some dermabond skin glue and some reassurance to his mama. He is now totally fine but still brings up the blood whenever he wants sympathy.

All the boys have had the chance of skiing this year. Living so close and with Griselda's past life snow sports are a winter staple in our household. We went up to Squaw Valley this winter and are up there this weekend as well. All the kids are becoming much better skiers inspite of the junky snow conditions this winter. We just bought our passes for next year and can't wait to try out all the boys on the snowboards. Hopefully some of Griselda's skill has rubbed off on them. Heaven help them, if they got my snow sport talent. I can ride but our 5 year old can ski circles around me if I am skiing.

This spring I have had a chance to do two great runs. In March I ran the Way Too Cool 50km race in Cool California. It is one of the most well known 50 km races. I felt great running this race and bettered my time by over an hour coming in at just under 5:30. I thought my training was adequate and began to taper for my first 50 mile race, the American River 50 Miler. It is the second largest 50 mile race in the USA and goes from Sacramento to our home in Auburn, California. Boy was that an experience i will never forget. The first 26 miles are on a paved bike path. The last 24 are on trails. I ended up getting a GI bug that manifested itself during the first 26 miles requiring a "break" every 30-40 mins. Let's just say that if you are exploring off the bike path along the American River Parkway, Watch Out!!!! Finally my stomach calmed down. I felt pretty solid from mile 26 - 40. At mile 41 I met up with my younger brother Pete. We were going to cruise the last 9 miles but ended up walking most of it due to a left quad issue. Swore I would never run distance again......a month later I am already looking for runs. What can I say. I enjoy the trails and can stand the pain. Call me what you will. Pete just calls me crazy.

Life here in California is great. Really nothing to complain about. Wish you were all here.