Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dave's Take

Happy birthday to meeee...Happy birthday TTOOO meeeee.......

Anyway, I am now 33 years old. Balding. Slightly overweight. With a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful children. I think that I am doing all right. It's been a while since my last post and Griselda's been struggling with posting as well. We have been pretty swamped. So here is a list of what has happened since my last post.

Been on the fence about job vs. fellowship. In fact I have a fellowship interview in Portland scheduled for this Friday.
Interviewed for a job in California, received an offer, turned it down.
Finished my first half-Ironman triathlon in 5:57. (the race definitely beat me)
Entered a weight loss competition at work to lose 20lbs by Dec 19 th.
My parents got called to serve in the Sydney, Australia Mission.
Griselda and I decided that the Portland area would be a good fit for our family in addition to the California areas that we are already job searching in. In fact we have a few interviews that will be set up there in the next few weeks or so.
Jeydan's hair has started to lay down flat.
Jeydan can say two words....mama & there.
BYU showed their true colors and folded under TCU's pressure.
Utah is still unbeaten.
The political wars continue in the Skeehan household between the confused democrat and the enlightened republican (although we both really like to watch the weekend updates on SNL)
Lathan officially hates soccer.
Griselda is starting to get overwhelmed with all that is going on between having a 18 month old whose voice and volume would rival that of Luciano Pavarotti, dragging a reluctant Lathan to soccer twice a week. teaching sunbeams on Sundays, and trying to organize her life so that she can come on my job interviews........
And most recently.... had a high school friend die suddenly a few days ago.

This weeks favorite quote:

A little back ground first. For some reason both Lathan and Kaelan pronounce the word airplane, hairplane. So yesterday Lathan's friend Steven and his younger brother Trevor came over to play. Griselda and I are working in the kitchen trying to get some odds and ends put away and unfinished projects completed when Kaelan runs with an airplane in his hand. You hear the kids laughing and playing and then all of the sudden in a moment of complete silence we heard Steven say to Kaelan.....It's an airplane not a hairplane. Griselda and I both started laughing uncontrollably.

Well, look for pics and further updates as things start to get under control in the Michigan Skeehan household.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Know, I Know, I Know

Yes, we are still alive. So much has happened over the last few months that every time I think about updating, I feel too overwhelmed; so what do I do instead? I change the look of the blog. That's all you're getting from me for now. But I'll get to it this month sometime. Just think of it this way, all the more reason to look forward to the Christmas letter, right? Patience. I'll get to it sooner than that. I have so much to share, but it will have to wait until I have a husband home for more than 1 night a week. So maybe it will be until Christmas.

Just a quick update. We are not settled on a location or even the idea between a job or fellowship yet. So not much has changed in that respect. Until later!