Monday, August 29, 2011

Dave's Take

So, I thought that when we moved to the Sierra foothills that it would ruin lake camping for us. I mean, we live 500 yards from a lake, it has a sand beach, there is boating, fishing, swimming, etc... Why would it be fun to go and camp by a different lake? Boy, was I wrong.

We went camping this weekend with some friends up at Lake Valley Resevoir. It was a blast. They had rocks to climb, fires to build, rocks to throw, fish to catch (not that we actually saw any or caught any), and a lake to swim in. When asked what was the boys favorite part? They answered, "jumping off of rocks into the water and playing with the fire." It seems that living in the Sierra foothills has made camping in the foothills that much better. Instead of driving hours to find a camp site, we drive 45 mins. The highlight of the whole trip, making it down the stairs of our house with a cooler and not breaking any toes. That made the whole camping experience, that much better. Now if we had only brought our camera......