Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Love Our Daddy

Who, really, could ever have more fun than being with our Daddy; check it out:

Ahhhhh. Nothing like cabin fever.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter what?


I had so much fun doing "nothing" for two weeks. We felt like we had such a long and restful vacation, most probably due to the lack of travel and the extra days off from the wintry snow right before break.

Here is the synopsis of our time together over the break. They feel a little dated now that Christmas has passed. Either way, they are too cute to not post.

You'll find a lot of videos of JJ this time around because he is just at that age where everything is so dang comical (or maybe it's just a mother's pride of how her little boy is growing up so fast and there really is nothing noteworthy at all). What can I say? I'm loving every moment.

Below is the method by which JJ uses to get down the stairs (quite efficiently, I might say!) and the other boys attempting to mimic his approach:

This here reveals how Dave needs to improve his Spanish ;)

There is nothing really spectacular about this particular video; I really just wanted to share the cuteness of him walking in his stay-puffed marshmallow snow suit:

OK, so we don't own a WII or have Rock Band, or anything, so this is as close as we'll get to rockin' out. Note the cute PJs (this was their Christmas Eve present):

The boys absolutely LOVED this classic every night leading up to the BIG DAY:

Christmas morning; this one's for the grandparents:

Yogurt fun; a lesson in self-feeding:

Movie Night

My Crafty Little Men

Kaelan experiencing the consequences of disobeying the rules:

We had a lot of down time and I was loving being able to get some of the house in order, since the day after Christmas, the "FOR SALE" sign went up on the front lawn. There was a period of time that I don't think we started the car for 3 days. That was a nice change for me. I just assume that this is the calm before the storm....having baby, selling home, moving - all in a period of about 3 months and hopefully in that order!