Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Here is our newest little man.

Dave's Take

Sorry, it is going to be a fast one.

Two funny sayings that happened this week.

First off, we will start with Kaelan......He was supposed to get a shot after school yesterday. He kept asking why did he need a shot. So after him asking for the fiftieth time, I told him. You have a choice Kaelan. You can either get the shot or end up getting very sick and die. There was a moment of silence. Then Kaelan spoke. "Daddy, I want to see Jesus then."

Second, Griselda had just finished scolding the boys at the table for using potty talk. When she made the slip and said. Now finish your stool. After the fact she validated the statement by saying that she simply combined the words, bowl and stew. Honest mistake. Pretty frickin funny though.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dave's Take

This is the Daddy of our new puppy.....................................and this is the Mama. The puppies are still a few weeks away from being born, but should make for a great family Christmas present. They are first generation labradoodles that when crossed will end up with second generation labradoodles. We went to a labradoodle romp at a dog park in Davis, where the boys were able to play with a bunch of the dogs and we could see how well Kaelan, our allergy guy, did with them. Unfortunately, Kaelan pet every dog there and not just the labradoodles. They had some of the cutest dogs there that I have ever seen. It gave us a good idea of what size of dog we wanted. My brother Pete has a little tank on wheels that is a little too small and a little to heavy for our liking. We loved the medium size dogs or the small standards which range from 30 - 50 pounds and were anywhere from 15-22 inches high at the shoulder. Anyway, we are excited to be getting a puppy and have a lot of work to do to get our new house together.

That's right, a new house. We would post pictures but we don't have any.......sorry. We got a bank repo for a great price in the same community we are currently renting in. It is not a lake front which would have been cool. It does have a partial view of the golf course and in the distance you can make out a water treatment plant of some sorts. It is two stories, 2300 square feet, sits on an acre, is near the lake / club house/ and community pool. It sits about 45 seconds from the community entrance so I can get to work quicker, and it also sits on a secluded street at the very end of a court. We are excited. We have to paint, replace carpet, rid the sub floor of cat / dog urine odor, and air the place out. Hopefully we should move in sometime in early November.

Everything else is going great. Excited for the new house and new dog. Will post pics of both once they are available. Gotta run. Here is a quick play by play.


Eats big boy pureed foods. Sits up. Is no long our newborn but is an official infant.


A snuggler to the end. Loves his brothers. Is definitely our boy of boys. Plays rough and hard. Loves to run with his brothers while they ride there bikes. The kid has some of my endurance I think.


Always a joker. Loves his school. Always looking to be on our good side, but occasionally loses it and joins the dark side. Man can he be a stinker.


Lost two teeth. Really smart. Great speller. Great reader.


Beautiful as ever. Amazing. Lovely. Need I say more.


Getting busier. Finances getting more and more complicated. Glad to be in California. Glad to be home more. I get to play pick up water polo on Saturdays.