Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dave's Take

So, we are in the middle of our move, sleeping in sleeping bags, eating fast food, and celebrating our 11th aniversary.

So, to cap off our moving experience with one long sentence......

It starts with Hertz screwing us for$220 for picking up the car that was sitting on their lot 4 hours early, the moving company salesman getting Griselda to sign a document on the day of our move that increased our moving price by $2000, eating dinner with 4 crabby kids at 930 at night, Griselda finding a food wrapper IN her omlet, and the icing on the cake is that I am working on our aniversary. What a crappy night / aniversary. But it did get better. Griselda got Hertz to drop the charges down $400. The movers stopped their contestation of our moving weight, negating the second contract / addendum that Griselda signed, putting our move back to the estimated price. Went out to breakfast and got to see our friends Josh & Lisa and Jeff & Lindsey just by accident.

Happy aniversary love.