Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skeehan Snapshot

So, this summer is going awesome. Lets start oldest to youngest today.

Me (Dave)

I am finally starting to actually work on the yard. It's quite a daunting task when you live on a hillside and have over an acre of untouched landscaping with essentially zero working capital. Still, I have plans to finish off the terraces for the garden, level off a sitting area, make a trail with stairs down to the trampoline, and maybe put up some kind of awning. So just those four things will probably take a few years.


Still a tennis playing fool. Won her last match, doubles, with some great shots. She likes to bounce around the court like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. The local club tennis pro says that she is opposite everyone that he has ever taught. She has no trouble running all over the court, her problem is that she gets there to soon and is so excited she ends up over doing it. He was SOOO right on with her........a ball of energy she is.


He has headed back to pool. He is a monster with his free, back, and fly. He had his first official swim meet this weekend. He did great. He has finished his third Harry Potter book and quickly moved onto the fourth. He also finished up this years baseball season with a couple of big hits. Baseball became a lot more fun once he started hitting the ball.


Kaelan is excited to have started swim team this summer. He is a monster backstroker already, just like his older brother. He also is doing a great job with his butterfly, which is really surprising given the age. He has really started to get the swimming thing down. He is also going to try to start reading the Harry Potter books this summer also. He finished up his baseball season as well. He was playing right field and for the first time ever ran, yep that's right, he actually ran to get the ball. No sliding on the grass. No karate kicking in the outfield. He actually ran. So proud of him.


JJ is also on the local swim team. He is fast becoming the team favorite because the little guy just won't give up. He jumps / dives off the blocks. Streamlines like a pro. Everyone cheers for him. He loves it. Sometimes he seems to be going up and down instead of forward. He says that he gets a little frustrated because Kaelan always beats him. Such is the life of the younger brother, huh Pete and Dan???

JJ doesn't quite have the diving off the blocks thing down quite yet. He is defnitely getting closer though.


Haefan is, and probably always will be a handful. He loves to play, jump, swim, laugh, pout, flirt, and especially talk. Can't understand what he says all the time, but he loves to talk just the same. He and a friend go to every swim practice and take turns running into the baby pool, laughing, splashing, and eventually falling. He loves to wear goggles even though he doesn't like to get his face wet often. He can't wait to start swim team too. Sometimes he is a little too anxious and has to be corralled before he tries to join his older brothers in practice. Just like his bros he has to take a shower after swimming and be wrapped in a towel.

One day, these three kids will finish up all my failed gardening / landscaping projects for their mom. Until then, its caos in the Skeehan house, in a good, fun, busy way if that's possible.

Until next time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dave's Take

Here I go again. Trying to keep the habit up.


Loves going to swim practice and swim meets. He doesn't actually swim but he loves wearing the swim cap just like his brothers and running around with goggles on his head all over the deck.


Doing some major crotch punching recently. Really gonna have to break him of that habit. He also started swimming and was able to make it 25 yards without stopping. There were a couple big arms thrown in between his kicking and side breathing. He has the cutest little belly while walking around in his speedo too.


Awesome swimmer. Swimming freaking butterfly as a six year old. The kid rocked the big arms and backstroke. So proud of him too.


Is the backstroke monster. Cruised to first place before putting a dent in the side of the pool with his head. Also got baptized yesterday. When did he get so old?


Rocked her solo in church. Made the most awesome cake. Business down the tubes but probably for the best. One mama can only juggle so many eggs before one drops and cracks. Learning more songs on the piano. Playing tennis like a champ. While handling church callings and her volunteer stuff.


Working. Gonna try running again soon. Usually get one or two runs in a week. May try the local triathlon again this year. Griselda thinks I could get a better time and result this year than last. Might have to see for my self......