Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally Getting Things Back in Order

It's taken me longer than expected to get anything posted because of so much going on here with traveling and church callings. Tonight I had New Beginnings and had a lot to prepare for it, so blogging had to wait.


Kaelan, Jay, and I had lots of fun in Utah. Seeing our friends was a blast! We were able to visit with old friends of years past. We had little time to waste with all that we had planned. We saw people we hadn't seen for almost a decade! It was really quite the trip.

There were several highlights. One highlight for sure was taking Kaelan skiing for the first time at Sundance (no I didn't see any celebs since I didn't actually make to the festival - AGAIN). We had a good hike to make up a steep hill to get to the rope-tow. Kaelan didn't really grasp the whole idea of the rope-tow - literally. He couldn't hang on because it was going too fast. I was disappointed that the guy didn't slow it down for a 2-year old! We made the best of it by me pushing him up the hill on his skis and then letting him cruise down while I braced myself to catch him. He absolutely loved it and wanted to take the chair lifts and was upset that I couldn't accommodate him since I was equipped with faulty Uggs and no skis. I assured him that we were going again (but this time in Michigan - poor guy!). We go again next weekend where I hope to get some better photos.

Another highlight was being able to visit with family. The two boys were able to see there long-lost Utah cousins finally! They really enjoyed spending time with them. Jay seemed to really take advantage of Heather's kindness and only want sleep on her for both of his naps. Sorry Heather!

Finally, the whole reason we went to Utah, I was able to see my best friend get sealed to her adopted baby boy, Maxwell. It was awesome to say the least. I was a total wreck. The sealer said some really profound things that I really needed to hear. It definitely reminded me that I need to pick up my temple attendance.

Oh ya. Dave put together new bunk beds for the boys while we were gone. These are two full-sized beds in bunk-bed style that are really very cool.

I hope you all had a wonderful January. Will update more when time allows.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dave's Take

Oh, to be the lone man in this Michigan wilderness.....The love of my life is gone for a week.....and the temperatures plummet to below freezing, below zero with wind chill, and will stay that way for a week. Maybe that is why Griselda had that wild and sly look in her eye as she was smiling walking away from Lathan and I at the airport......hmmmmmm.......she does watch the weather report pretty religiously.....I wonder.

Let me tell you how lost I am without my wife here. I initially signed into my parents blog and proceeded to post "Dave's Take" there. Things didn't quite look right on the blog and then I saw the title, what an idiot I am.....oh it goes for the second time....

Anyway, Griselda-Kaelan-Jeydan are in Utah having a least that is what I assume since neither one of us is answering our phones when the other calls right now. We dropped them off at the airport yesterday around 3pm. Lathan was absolutely whipped and sleeping like a log. So deep was his sleep that Griselda gave up trying to wake him up. When he finally woke up an hour and a half later, he looked around the car and said, "Daddy, where's Mama?" Followed by, "Daddy, where's Kaelan and Baby J?" Poor kid didn't even get to say goodbye to his brothers. To top it off, he slept so long that by the time he woke up, the children's museum that we were going to go visit had already closed. So Lathan and I ran two blocks in below zero weather, ducked into a sports bar, and had dinner instead. Lathan thought that it was pretty cool having all the t.v.s to look at. The dinner was ok but the peanut butter chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup desert was GREAT!!!! We finished off our boy's night out by attending the U of Michigan vs Iowa basketball game. Lathan was more entertained by the halftime show and trying to figure out why some cheerleaders wore white while others wore yellow than watching the game itself. Aside from nearly suffering from frostbite as we ran to and from our car in Ann Arbor the night was a success. We closed it out by watching part of a late night movie together in Mama's bed. Lathan was REALLY excited about sleeping in mama's bed. Whoops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about that, Lathan is a little paranoid about telling things to mama that he thinks might get him in trouble.

Anyway, to finish off the week of the sick and the twisted, we went out to a japanese steak house to have some fun family time and catch up before splitting up for the week. All went well even though we didn't get there until eight because of my crappy hours at work. The kids loved watching the chef, even Baby J. Everyone ate a lot. Afterwards we went home to sleep it off. As Griselda was settling in to pack for her trip, she started to feel queasy and.....whhhuuaaaahhhhhh......few minutes pass......whhhhaaaauuuuaaahhhhhhh......few more minutes pass........whhehhhhhaaaauuuuaahhhhhh..........and the grand finale.......wwwwhhhhhaaaahhhhhuuuuaaahhhh. Out came all the shrimp, rice, steak, and mushrooms. My first thought was, my poor wife. My second thought, what a waste of twenty dollars........except for the mushrooms. Puke those suckers up all you want.

"So, I think I am alone now" (you know the 80's song). Lathan is at a friends house this week. Griselda and the other boys are out in Utah. For all those Utahonians out there, I am sure that she would love to visit. If you want to see her give her a call at (586) 260-3038.


P.s. she took the camera so no pics this week. Sorry.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week of the Sick & Twisted

The boys loved the idea of having Cheerios, just like Jay.

Well, how can I top Dave's explanation of our week? I can't, so I'll be the one to include some photos. For your viewing pleasure, I only have cleaned-up and tidy pictures of the aftermath of our messy week.

I should mention that Dave is a real hero for stepping in and taking over. It's sad that it came to overwhelming nausea and puke to get a decent vacation from housework. It's not an entirely bad way to go considering that I got both a crash diet AND a vacation. I can't say that the bad breath and taste is going to have me running back for more, though.

This is Before...

And now, After...

Dave's Take

Finally, something good has come from me working soooo much. Tuesday night, Jeydan started puking. I mean really puking. Weds evening Kaelan joined in. By Thursday morning Lathan decided that he wanted to participate as well. So three puking kids and only Griselda to take care of them. Weds night is the night that I moonlight, ie work my second job, so I didn't come home until Thursday evening at which time all boys were done puking and on the mend. Friday morning I started to get up and Griselda says " don't leave me." Being the ever attentive husband I figure that she just wants to hug and love me. I kiss her and start to get up again and Griselda says, "don't leave me....". I thought, maybe she wants more than just a kiss and a hug. Then it was whhhuuuuuxxxxcccccccuuuu chunk chunk chunk. Puking mama. So I called into work and spent the day at home taking care of three, now not puking but full of diarrhea and foul smelling farts, boys and a sick mama. To top it off, my annual surgery resident inservice exam was saturday morning. Fun week.

Jeydan, standing now better than ever. Starting to take a few steps holding hands. He isn't doing any furniture shuffling yet but is figuring how to reach for things from a sitting position. We still have yet to see if he will be the first Skeehan boy to crawl or if he will follow in his brother's footsteps and walk. Only time will tell.

Kaelan, he has been farting all day. He denies doing it until you really pressure him. Then he gets this evil little grin on his face and giggles. Griselda says that he gets that from me. I don't have the slightest idea what she is talking about. heheheheh.

Lathan is antsy to go to kindergarten. He gets to stay with a friend while Griselda is in Utah with Jeydan and Kaelan next week and I will be off to Washington D.C. for part of the week as a committe member for the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. He is geeked. Griselda is going to have him living out of a suit case for the rest of the week as practice for the week to come.

Griselda got her hair cut yesterday. She stiffed the girl who cut her hair last time because the salon didn't allow for tips to be paid with a credit card and she didn't have any cash. To top things off she was late for our family pictures so she couldn't just run to the ATM. Anyway, we went back to the same girl so that she could make up from the last time. Her hair really looks great, although no that much different from before her haircut. Lathan told her that her hair looks the same, and I was quick to point out that we got to pay a lot of money so that her hair would stay looking the same. Griselda didn't think it was as funny as lathan and I did.

To end, I thought that I would share something that Lathan said yesterday or maybe the day before. I was toweling him off after his bath and he said, " Daddy, you are a camel." I asked,"why? Is it because I have a hump on my back" To which he replied, "No, its because you always carry us on your back." I then asked, "Well, what is mama then?" His response, " Mama's a dinasaur, because she is always mad at us." I about died.

Not to be out done, Kaelan had to have his quote of the week. One night after his bath, he, rather randomly, said, "Daddy, you have grey hair." So, I said, " Where?" His response, "on your back!" Gotta love those kids.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Check out my Slide Show from Xmas 2006 in Chile!

I would have loaded more photos, but as of now, I cannot seem to find all the photos I wanted to upload. So enjoy these ones for now and in the future, if I find the files, I will upload the REALLY cute stuff. ;)

As far as 2008 is concerned. I'm not feeling the motivation to gear up for another year, much less make any resolutions; however, one of the things on my list this year is to remember everyone's birthday and maybe even get a card to you BEFORE it comes around. Well, I already missed one birthday (A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU POPS!!!), but from here the only way is up, right?

This week we didn't do too much. We were able to participate in Lathan's soccer banquet, where he received a trophy and ate very yummy food. The club made a pretty big deal out of it and as fun as it was, I was really quite overwhelmed since Dave was working. I had all the boys during nap time and we had many obstacles to overcome flying solo. I handed Jay off to a couple of near-strangers on several occasions so I could accomplish some necessary potty tasks for the older boys. We were all able to eat off of one plate since I only had one hand to spare (the other was holding Jay, of course). Those kinds of activities really do me in because I'm always worried about losing someone and always carrying a boat-load of stuff, so my energy was zapped at the end of it. Who am I kidding? My energy was zapped before I even got there!

Anyway, here are the highlights of the week. Lots of fun videos, too!
They found this demo feature before Dave or I did!

Lathan receiving his soccer trophy. The boys watching a movie.

A fun day outside before the weekend thaw. Dad and the boys giving Jay a bath.

The boys having fun on the keyboard tonight.

Dave's Take

At work again....whoohoo!!!

Can you feel the sarcasm? Here I am. Stuck at work. Waiting for a chest xray. So, I thought that I would take a minute and write about our week.

Baby J

Definitely standing now. Before it took a little imagination to actually call what he was doing standing. It probably was more like delayed falling. Anyway, he is getting to be an opinionated little bugger. Always wants to be doing something. Loves to eat anything that he can get his hands on as long as it isn't beans, rice, or occasionally carrots.


To remind you of your SAT/ACT days.....Kaelan is to our house what a canary was to miners. He is always the first to pick up whatever sickness is coming down the pipeline. He is still VERY selective as to what he wants to hear. Griselda is constantly struggling not to freak out when he does exactly what you tell him not to. After he does it, he looks at you as if... what? Who? Me? What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Hits Griselda's button every time. Then her heart melts we he says as he is going to bed.... Mama, I want you......Mama, sleep with me. Then he tries to pull her down to his bed. A sweet little boy with occasional piss and vinegar.


Needs to be in school or actively doing something or he is a handful as well. So, this week he started school and is almost over his post vacation craziness. He is just a great kid. Always tries to help out with Baby J and is the instigator of all wrestling matches between me and the boys.

Griselda and Dave

Didn't see too much of each other this week due to moonlighting, school, regular work and life. Anyway, we are trying to learn how to play the piano again. Griselda is definitely better than I am at that. Neither one of us is concert pianist material right now but Griselda definitely has a lot of potential.

Anyway, the chest xray is done. I have to run.