Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dave's Take

Kaelan's Dilema

So, Kaelan has always had asthma type symptoms whenever it hits allergy season or he developes a cold. We had him tested when we lived in Michigan and discovered that he had some sensitivities to certain foods such as wheat. Well, the allergy season has really hit him hard this year and so Griselda took him to get him further testing. It was only a blood draw which is really tough because Kaelan HATES needles. I am talking screaming at the top of his lungs, hitting, while attempting to run away. The exact opposite of a deer being caught in the headlights. Anyway, he had reactions to a ton of stuff. Now this wasn't the skin prick or scratch testing that is common, so the reactions are just numbers and can't be evaluated clinically. Griselda is about to go Nazi on his diet. He got a little sample this am when he had to eat corn Chex with almond milk. Griselda is hoping that this helps him not be so tired, improves His concentration, and just gives him more energy. That has yet to be seen.

Griselda is the Yin to my Yang. Obviously a western medicine trained doctor, although being a D.O. does make me lean a little towards alternative mind,body, and spirit stuff, while Griselda is a pure Latina eastern medicine, accupuncturing, herb taking, organic food junkie. Not to mention she is a democrat who actually likes Obama. That is a rant for another post. Makes for interesting household dynamics every four years or so. Anyway, she is going to be starting a yeast reduction and allergen elimination diet. Not only is Kaelan going to not be able to eat wheat, rice, oranges, bananas, and a ton of other things, all processed foods and sugar is gone. So, if all of us start dropping weight, are caught sneaking out to In and Out Burger late at night, or are crabbier than usual you know why. World, consider yourself warned.

Poor Kaelan.E





Monday, May 21, 2012

Dave's Take

Another week has gone by. 8 hours with a chain saw and then another 12 hauling away branches has left me in an interesting state. One, you really feel like a "man" when you watch a 50 foot tree fall and know that you did that. On the flip side, now the only thing stopping me from having a great back yard, is me, and lots of time and money. There is all this useable space that has to be filled. In our case with a 3 level tiered raised planter box garden complete with fencing. Currently we only have a two level garden with just two 4 x 8 foot garden boxes because that is all that we could fit. With all those trees down now the 3 row 3 tier garden is a definite possibility. That is going to take me a while to do. It took me almost two years with moving, starting a new job, and settling in California to get the little garden that we have put in. So in a few years we will have some great pics to share. As for right now all that would be there is some dead grass and a pile of wood that has to be split.

Lathan & Griselda's Conversation

Lathan: "Mom, how old do I have to be to use a chain saw?"

Griselda: "36, just like your Dad."

I guess growing up in the suburbs I never really had much use for a chain saw. Too bad Lathan, those suckers are fun.....

We also bought our first new car this week. We ended up buying a VW Golf TDI 4 door. Never would have thought that I would own a diesel VW. Especially not after my Dad and his VW rabbit back when I was a teenager. Thankfully my sister burned through that clutch in no time flat.

We also got a chase to catch a little of the solar eclipse today. We constructed a pin hole box/device from off the Internet to show us the eclipse while keeping our retinas healthy. Boys had a blast for 30 secs. Griselda and I lasted a little longer.

We are all starting to get pretty excited about this summer. We have a few anticipated trips coming up. Griselda and I are going to get away for a few days, sans kids, to Las Vegas with some friends. I know, what are a bunch of kid loving mormons going to do in Vegas? Who knows. Wait for the pictures.

We also have a Skeehan family reunion coming up in LA this summer. Nothing like a week on the beach to mellow a family out. The boys are excited to see their cousins, raise cain, play in the water, and see how much sand they can sneak into Nana and Pops rental house.

I have some professional committee meetings as well. Two meetings in Alexandria, VA / Washington D.C. and one in Phoenix, AZ. Ironic that my younger brother has lived in Phoenix for years and I have never visited him. Then finally when I have to go there on business, the guy up and moved to Denver a few weeks ago. Figures. As one of my trainers once said to a junior resident, not ever referring to me, "once again a day late and a dollar short." Sorry Dan. Maybe I will make it out to Denver someday.

We have a bunch of different activities this summer. We have swim team, water polo camps, runs, science camps, tennis, more running, canoeing, and hopefully some camping. Seems like as the kids get older the time we have to spend with them gets less and less. Makes you appreciate the time that you have with them. Sometimes I look at my professional life and think that I could be doing more but looking at my family, I think that I would rather be doing more with them instead.

We have a busy summer but would love to see everyone and anyone.





Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dave's Take

So, figured I would focus on Griselda since its Mother's Day. She is an amazing woman. Mother of four busy, beautiful, and behaved little boys. Constantly busy beyond belief. Always involved in something from church, home schooling, teaching swim lessons, playing tennis, and on and on. The reason she is who she is, is due to her mother. Another truly amazing woman. It saddens both Griselda and I that our kids really have no remembrance or memories of their "abuelita.". Happy to think that one day we will all see her and others that we have lost again.

Griselda is getting ready for a 25km trail run in June. She has been running some longer distances with one of her friends. She is turning into quite a little runner. Really strange that she is out running nine miles while I am watching kids. Still feels weird to me. My fast twitch, explosive power,little fire cracker of a wife running distance. It is awesome.

Griselda is also busy with tennis. She is playing on a 3.5 team as a singles player. She is loving playing but really hates losing at all. Doesn't feel bad if she plays well and gets out played; however, she absolutely hates it when she makes too many mistakes and lets an equal or inferior player beat her.

She is also getting ready for a tough mudder race in September. She is getting some personal training help from a friend of hers at the Auburn Racket Club. That means she is definitely sore at least half of the weak after each session.

Life is good and busy. All are welcome to come and visit.....golden California.




Monday, May 7, 2012

Dave's Take

So the roles have reversed. Griselda is the one training for a run now. She is going to be running here in Auburn on June 16th for her first 25 km run. It is a women only event so all you ladies are welcome to come and join her. She is training for her Tough Mudder debut this September up at Northstar at Tahoe. So instead of me taking off to sneak in a run, the roles are reversed and I stay home with the kiddos.

Normally that makes the boys happy as "daddy time" seems to be a little more chaotic and a little less supervised than "mama time". Unfortunately it is spring time and I am finally working on our yard after three years. So it is digging, cutting, dragging, carrying, and a ton of whining and complaining. Builds character as they say. Really. Griselda and I realized that our boys can be tough but they don't know how to work. So, they are now helping garden, cutting down trees, and moving the rocks to the edge of the property. Hopefully all the hours of whining is worth it.

Otherwise the boys are doing great. They are anxiously awaiting the summer. Since moving to the golden state three years ago they are much more excited about going outside and being active. Thank goodness. Being around mountains, lakes, rivers, trails, is hard not to want to do things outdoors. Unless you worry about the mountain lions, snakes, ticks, etc...which occasionally sends Griselda into a frenzy.


Wish you all could be here with us. If you ever happen to be passing thru..