Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone????

So I've been less-than-satisfactory in posting pictures. I know. No reminder needed. I hope to use the pictures to tell the story, rather than trying to use words to catch up.

Just as a synopsis, I'll list some of the things we experienced over the past few months:

-Both D & G did relays for X-tri back in May (still in MI)
-Visited a few places at the last minute before leaving MI
-Had a fun time celebrating Lathan's bday with good friends
-Had a fun time with all the "goodbye" parties before we left MI
-Loved having Jeremy & Heather come for Dave's graduation
-Got to go to Cedar Point amusement park with our bestest friends on our way out of MI
-Moved to CA and had less-than-stellar time dealing with the moving company
-Met so many wonderful people here in our ward and realized that many of them are close neighbors!
-Enjoyed a full month+ off to play in our new vacation-like home base
-Went to Aspen to see some of my ol' snowboarding friends at a marvelous wedding.
-The boys learning how to swim so well here with all the time spent in the water
-Spending A LOT more time with my bro (Dito) and Lucy since we are so much closer (JJ never stops asking for them!)
-Finding time to visit our family in the Bay Area at least once a month (my favorite is going to SF to experience urban life with the locals (Dito and Lucy) - and in STYLE)
-Boys starting school and getting used to schedules and responsibilities
-Getting a calling as a Relief Society instructor
-Participating in the local triathlon here
-Continuing to "train" - but running mostly, since Dave signed us up for a half-marathon in Nov.
-So glad to get the kids together with their old friends from MI at a fun ice cream shop in Vacaville.
-Dave started playing Master's Water Polo
-Griselda got back into tennis
-Lathan lost his first and second tooth!

REALLY long post ahead full of a TON of pictures (and not at all in order) that date back to June and cover our entire Summer and then some.

Lathan's hair was getting too long and so I made him pin it up. He has since gotten a haircut.

Lathan working hard at the jog-a-thon. He completed 29 laps.

I thought this was a funny sequence. Kaelan is not one that opens up easily, so I found this priceless. I was nursing Haefan in the car while this was taking place:

Kaelan had a field trip at the local orchards (Machado Orchards). Here the hostess is giving them one last bit of info before having a fun snack.

They make A LOT of yummy pies here. Delish...

Look at that fresh fruit!

She was pulling fresh fruit straight off the tree for the kids and parents to sample. This is totally Kaelan's heaven. He LOVES fresh fruit.

On a lovely stroll in Saratoga, next to Abuelo's house.

Aunt Lucy and Haefan at Abuelo's.

Eating and more eating for JJ. Food is always fantastic at Abuelo's.

Napping at Abuelo's.

Ocean Beach with a MOMENT of blue sky and the die-hard boys enjoying their beach time. We were all freezing and covered up while they were struttin' their stuff and bearing the cold.

Haefan with two or three coats on at the beach.

Just hangin' at the park.

Boys being adventurous at the park within Golden Gate Park in SF.

I loved this sequence, too. This is the cement slide that the boys LOVE at the park. This is Kaelan having some fun (left side). Sequence courtesy of Aunt Lucy. Thanks!

This is JJ attempting to pull off a "shy" act.

Another funny shot of JJ taking charge of his food.

An interesting experiment in physics (and backwash). This was pretty gross because OJ ended up at the bottom of his water and increased with every sip taken. Yuck.

Uncle Dito's pad in SF.

The morning after a good night's sleep.

These kids were bushed after traveling and playing.

Apparently there was a period of time where my camera was a toy among the boys. A handful of these are their contribution.

Backing up a bit here. This is residency graduation.

Dave taking advantage of the free drinks (oh please, it's a Shirley Temple!)

Right after we hit Cedar Point in OH with our bestest buds.

After Lathan lost his first tooth.

Right before he lost his tooth. If you look closely, you can see his "shark" tooth sitting there behind the baby tooth.

This is a fast-spinning ride at the county fair that I mistakenly decided to enjoy with the boys. I was green for a whole day after this.

The boys absolutely were obsessed with getting more and more rides from the horses.

Lots of fun at the fair!

The boys were awesome cheering me on at the Lake of the Pines triathlon.

This is the last day of school in MI. Here we are celebrating at Red Robin.

I was AMAZED by the the decorations for the school Opera. Here is a few shots of the set decorations. It does not do the work justice, but at least it's something!

Each of these flowers were hand cut tissue layered on top of each other for effect. And there were HUNDREDS of these. Talk about dedicated parents!

Lathan's birthday celebration with our best friends (btw, still in MI)

Post-walk at our friends place in Swartz Creek, MI.

Dave taking his turn. Never a lost moment for him, when it came to sleep opportunities.

Seriously only a few moments before the pic above.

Lathan's birthday celebration at school (only a few days before the last day).

Chocolate-covered pretzels were a bit of mess for JJ; but this nice little lady was always watching out for him.

JJ was not about to be passive during Lathan's moment in the spotlight. Look closely and you can see all the fun pictures of the growing boy.

Can you see that the little girls LOVED baby Haefan?

The boys on the other hand were so happy to hang with JJ.

This is right after the triathlon. Having lunch on the trampoline.

Memorial Day trip to a Canadian park on the water. Isn't it beautiful??? Cold, but beautiful.

JJ doing his part to keep the photos coming...