Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dave's Take

So, with swim team finished, it almost seems like the end of the summer.....still a few weeks left though.


Haefan is becoming a little fish. He loves putting his face under water and looking at his brothers and friends. He has also started to do push offs, big underwater jumps, and even kicks and big arms once in a while. Griselda has started potty training him and he has been out of daytime diapers for five days now. The kids is crazy-like independent and always wants to do everything himself.


Doing awesome with swim team. He just won most improved for the six and under group after dropping almost one minute off of his time at the league championship meet. He continues to be a sweetie who has a knack for punching, pinching, or kicking in all the unwanted spots. Trying to break him of that habit. Still no success yet.....

Look at that awesome two hand touch!


Also a great swimmer. He has really put a lot of effort into his swimming.......sometimes. He is either incredibly dedicated or messing around non-stop. No real in-between. He also is doing great with reading and looking forward to some beach and mountain camping in August.

eyeing the competition...


Just won the coaches award for the eight and under group. He ended up taking second in the league for both of his individual events and breaking his best times ever at the same time. He also has been reading like mad to finish off his Harry Potter series this summer. He has to read the books before seeing the movies.

Lathans at the top of the screen and ends up out touching all the swimmers except the guy half a body length ahead. Great Job!!


Having a lot of fun so far this summer. She has been busy volunteering for swim team, playing tennis, going rafting with Lathan, her brother Jason and his kids, and hanging out at the lake and pool. She got to try wake boarding this year thanks to some great friends and is now longing to get a boat for the boys to go out in. All the boys were smiling ear to ear while out on the boat, but none quite as much as JJ.


Loving California. Glad to be in the sun and somewhere where there is a lot to do outside. Trying to get ready for some longer runs this fall. Delayed training due to a broken left great toe. Crazy single person accident involving a cooler, two grocery bags, bare feet and stairs. Hard to explain what happened even though I was there. Hurt like crazy. Bled for a few hours. Hoping it's only going to slow me down for a week. We will see.

Definitely broken. Probably going to lose the nail. Sweet...

Pics coming soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello...for now...

Before you think that I might be restarting the blogfest, I thought I would let you down easy and confess that this will probably be the only thing you'll be getting out of me for a while. Summer is just too fun don't ya know?

The boys have been happily busy in the water everyday. We mix it up with lake swimming, pool swimming, swim team, and water gun wars. We have really been happy to take in the sun and soak in the lazy days of summer. "Lazy" is being used rather generously, though. Our schedule most days include swim lessons - both attending and teaching, hitting some tennis balls, swim team/swim meets, and fitting in a few tennis matches for mom in the middle somewhere.

The boys have really made the summer so much fun. I'm so proud of them. They really are best buddies. We occasionally have an opportunity for playdates, but I find that they see their friends around the lake quite a bit and that seems to work just great for everyone!

We really enjoyed our Fourth of July celebrations. Unfortunately for me, Dave was on call and I had the camera to document our fun times at the parade and beach at the lake for our Daddy, but alas, there was no memory card in the camera. I didn't realize that until 20+ pictures into the documentation. Ugh! Oh well. I was able to capture some cute moments at a different party a few days later.

Some of the more time-consuming activities we do is the local swim team. We have practices every evening and then meets every Saturday from the middle of June through all of July. This last meet we had (yesterday) the boys did SO well! Everyone improved their times tremendously. They really have all come a LONG way.

I really want to leave this story to Dave, but it's so funny, I may just have to settle for having it told twice. We took a friend with us this weekend to join us for some fun swim meet adventuring so that we could head off to a Truckee campsite straight from there and then fish and frolic until bedtime; and then return this morning in time to get cleaned up and ready for church. Well, long story short: we didn't make it. Here's the long middle:

We headed for the local pizza place, which by the way, was super yummy. We all stuffed our faces after just holding our hunger at the 7-hour meet. Then we proceeded to head the "back way" a.k.a. windy way through the mountain pass to get to Truckee. I felt a little off along the way, but that's not at all too uncommon. Haefan moaned at the very moment I felt weird, so I told Dave to mellow out on the banked turns in the big SUV. He resisted, insisting it had nothing to do with that. Okay. Well, whatever the case, I wanted to be more cautious about avoiding car-sickness. Finally about 20 later, Haefan puked, then puked again. Then again, each time a bit more projectile. Nasty and totally not contained. I had a towel in the front seat from the meet and so we threw it on him to catch what we could. Dave was impatiently raising his voice with dissatisfaction at my futile attempt to save some part of Haefan's person from being contaminated. In my defense, I don't have the reach that he does, so I'm guessing NOTHING would have satisfied him anyway. He just happened to be driving, decided it better not to stop, so I was the lone one attempting to do something about the fiasco. Finally I just threw up my hands in frustration, told him to pull over and told him to take over. He did. And did so like a champ. He took the messiest parts out of the car (child and towel) and then used wipes to clean out the car seat temporarily. We changed Haefan into his swimsuit and Dave walked down some steep boulders to wash all the grossness off of the soiled stuff. He definitely has some pioneer blood!

From there we continued on to the campsite, only to find that all the spaces were filled. Bummer! We were going to rough it at the Truckee house, but then reconsidered when we thought of how Haefan's puking could continue on through the night. I just didn't feel right doing that to Abuelo's house. On the way home, Timmy, our extra, puked from the car-sickening ride home. Ha! How's that? The funniest part of it all is that I brought 4 hats for the trip for the boys: 3 Lake of the Pines hats, and Lathan's special hat he bought himself with hard-earned tokens. The first time Haefan threw up, we threw the towel at him. The second time, we gave him a bucket - sorta - the hat. The third time? Hat number 2. Then when Timmy was about to join in the fun, he said, "throw me the hat!! Right now!!!" And both Dave and I thought, "huh?" We threw him the hat in just enough time. Good times! Gross times. We made it back home in one piece, and then gave all the boys (but Haefan) toast for a late-night snack. That's all I would do. I wasn't going to take any chances. Poor Timmy. We extended the invite to camp with us on the next trip because he definitely got a bummer of a deal. Either way, we had good family time and enjoyed the ride. :) Glass half-full, right?

I wish blogger would be nicer to me; but it's not looking good. I have so many videos to share and pictures, too! But it's not working YET AGAIN for me. I will start with this, then try the pics again at a different time. Sorry! I know, I know, the fun part is looking at the pictures. I just want to scream at blogger. AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! That's the reason for a long post. I'm just typing here, putting kids to bed, doing other odds and ends and STILL pics and videos have yet to successfully upload. Technology: a blessing and a curse.

Holy Hannah! I got one to go!!! This is a video off of the highway when we stopped the first time. Haefan is back in his stinky seat and in his swim suit, and Dave is wringing the towel from the river. Non-stop fun at our place!