Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So my time has come....

Griselda has encouraged me to pursue my endurance stuff when the kids were a little older. Last night she said that I had a green light to pursue the distance running dreams of mine.....IF......I happen to get down to my wedding weight of 185. So to get started I plan on giving weekly updates as I start dropping the pounds.

Nov. 29th, 2010 - 205lbs.

Inspiration : "Run Fat Boy, Run!" (a great movie if you haven't seen it by the way)


This is Griselda's explanation of Dave's words: I "let" him run whenever he pleases when it doesn't over-burden our family life. What I told him just recently is that I would support him and his training schedule if he wanted to pursue one of his 100-mile races that he wants to do so badly (only he has to work for it). Before, I had said that yes, I did agree to support him, but he had to wait until the youngest boy (now 1) was in half-day preschool before pursuing it. So you see, I'm hoping that I don't come off as such a tyrant. I'm simply a struggling mother that needs a Daddy...but I'd take an au pair, too. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here is our Big Haefan swinging by himself, in spite of his older brother trying to help him stay

Just a little teaser of what is come...

Kaelan's Goalie Sequence....

He was quite a goalie stud that game. Never afraid to dive in front of someones kicking feet.

Great catch Kaelan!!!!

Lathan showing off his kicking skills.

Haefan, hanging out with his older brother.

Who said kids don't know how to pose. He must get it from Griselda. All my pics as a kid look like I could be mentally disabled........seriously.......maybe that's why my parents never have just pictures of me alone as a child. hmmmmm.....

Handddddsome!!! AKA the lady killer.

This is the moment of pure enjoyment that precedes the moment of shear terror when he realizes that he is actually hanging on for his life.

Boys with weird facial expressions.....

Facial expressions continue.

One of the rare instances where Lathan is actually running towards the ball with purpose as opposed to just running on the outside of the herd......

A sleeping baby.

Isn't she beautiful.....the kids not bad looking either....

This is a building in Portugal where they basically gutted an old building, built a sky scraper instead, but than kept the old face of the building. Crazy to look at......

So these are here to just wet your appetite. More Europe photos to follow.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to Catch Up....

.....So its been a while since we posted....anything.

So here is Dave's quick and dirty.

Haefan -

Hair has changed from brown to blond in the last year. Way to smart for his own good. Causes trouble like you wouldn't believe. He knows how to put a cup over the bath drain to keep the water in longer even when we open the drain up. Figured out how to recharge his LED flashlight so parents are no longer necessary. A little violent when compared to our other boys, but I guess as the youngest he needs to be.....


Such a sweet, sword fighting, gun weidling little brute of a kid. Smart like you wouldn't believe. Active. Running everywhere. Can't wait to grow up so he can do the stuff his older brothers are doind.


Reading. Seriously. Reading well. Trying to catch up to Lathan. Always falling asleep in the car. Griselda keeps him awake with math questions and windows open. Seriously something to see. Kid with his head back eyes closed doing addition at 9 pm with wind flying through his hair all the while his brothers are screaming and trying to hit him to keep him awake. Does he wake up. Not really. Still gets the math questions right though.


Swimming and school. Not liking soccer so much. Likes the running. Hanging out with friends. If people weren't trying to kick him all the time that would be much better. Also crazy reader. He is on the third book of The Percy Jackson series. Recently started asking for the Lord of the Rings stuff. He loves math. Already likes Star Trek. Its probably too late. He is probably going to be an engineer.


Busy, busy, busy, and then more busy. Starting a business, raising four boys, juggling tennis, four boys school schedules, PTA stuff, the new business, and all the kids schedules can make things a little stressful.

Dave (Me)

Busy, busy, busy. Some one has to watch the kids while Griselda runs around doing everything she has going. What a role reversal from residency. Also crazy busy at work. Good to be busy there though.

Our recent trip.

We went to Europe for a few days and had a blast. No kids thanks to my parents. So pics and more explanation will follow in later posts. Probably much late according to our recent posting habits.