Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dave's Take

Had a great weekend. It started off with a Friday night swim meet. Once again Lathan showed how fast he can really go to his coaches. Then we had to explain to him how much faster he would go if he decided to push himself harder in practice. I think that he might finally get it. We will see. Kaelan and JJ also had great swims. Kaelan was another kid that swam fast in the meet but loafs in practice. He is more interested in playing than swimming laps. But man his technique looks awesome. Lots of talent with really no desire for swimming. JJ is just so tiny. That kid threw his arms over so fast it hurt just to watch him. He got the biggest cheer by far from any other swimmer due to his cute factor. So proud. Pics coming soon.

Saturday we went to a friend's baptism. So awesome. Spiritual, peaceful, and moving. Just what a baptism is supposed to be. The kid couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. It was like a perma-grin. I got to be one of the witnesses and had to stop a few kids from swimming in the font unintentionally. We don't have any kind of barrier so I was stepping on the backs of dresses to stop unwanted accidents.

Sunday we went on saw my parents and brother Pete with his kid Tommy and dog Porkchop. Always great to see family. Monday Kaelan and Lathan had a skateboard lesson. They are finally getting it. They can now push, turn, and even pump on a ramp. Pretty cool.

To finish off our weekend we got to see the women's Olympic water polo team play a match against Hungary. We destroyed them by 10 goals. They had a beast of a hole set who was out there kicking, elbowing, punching, and half drowning as many players as possible. Sometimes two at the same time. Lathan was amazed and didn't realize how aggressive you could be. We did have to explain that they were either fighting for the ball or for position. He was under the impression that you could just hit people. I had to tell him that it was okay only if you don't get caught. Am I corrupting my son? Nawhhhh!!!


P.s. pics to come soon.