Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Back!!!!

Ok. Long time no blog. Today we have the whole family together to tell their story.


Favorite thing to do: have light saber wars with the family.
Favorite movie: Tron Legacy
Favorite song: Fireflies by Owl City
Favorite restaurant: Round table
Favorite video game: Batman and Robin Lego on the Wii


Haefan has perfected the old west fast draw. He walks around the house whipping out his guns on anyone who gets in his way. He has heard about crocidile wrestling in Florida, and has introduced the sport of Fozzie Bear wrestling here in California. Talking each day more and more. He is constantly covered in bruises and scrapes due to his always having to keep up with his older brothers.

Jeydan ( a.k.a. JJ)

JJ has started his swim lessons again this year. He is training for his first shot at swim team. He looks really cute in his jammers and goggles. He loves to tease his younger brother Haefan. The pitter patter of little feet running and jumping with Haefan screaming right behind is constantly going on in our home, it seems. He is doing great with reading and often helps read any two to five letter words that we throw at him. He just learned how to ride a scooter, and loves to play ball with dad. He is continuing in his Jedi training having recently acquired Count Duko's light saber for his birthday.


Is fast becoming a great reader like his older brother. He is currently reading the Frog and Toad books that he got for his birthday. He also started swim lessons recently and is awesome at his dolphin kick and breast stroke. He too is going out for swim team this year. He is playing baseball with Lathan this year. He often gets bored while playing. So he can be seeing practicing his karate while playing pitcher, or trying various yoga poses out in the outfield. His coach isn't a fan, but who can argue with the downward dog or triple leg kicks.


Reading anything and everything. He has finished the Percy Jackson series and is currently on book three of the Harry Potter series. He is anxiously awaiting his baptism which takes place in two weeks. He is also really excited for his birthday party. He is going to go horseback riding with some friends. He is doing great at swimming as well. Perfecting his butterfly and breast stroke the last couple of weeks at the stroke clinics. He is playing baseball with his best friend Weston and little bro Kaelan. He had a breakout game where he won the team ball and was named the MVP after going 3 for 3 on his at bats with two doubles, a single, and 5 rbi. He also made some really great plays on the field - holding one kid to only a single with a great throw to second base with what should have been likely a double or triple.


Can you say amazing. Seriously. She is playing in two tennis leagues. Has started a business with a friend. Went to Women's Conference. Had a snowboard trip to Colorado with some medical school friends. All while trying to keep tabs on the four very active boys.


Just working. Sort of trying to get into better shape. Seems like the elusive 190's are always 2-3 pounds away. Guess exercising isn't enough. Gotta also restrict my caloric intake. Sat down one day and figured that I usually eat between 4000-5000 calories a day. Still can't figure out why dropping weight is so hard. Work is going great. California is still the best place to live.

We are all excited for summer to come. Lots of swimming, canoeing, fishing, running, biking, tennis playing, and a little bit of work in there too. I am sure that there is more to follow and pics should be on the way too. Unfortunately we lost our computer to a melted motherboard but have recently gone Mac and probably will never go back.

Dave, Griselda, and the boys.