Monday, May 24, 2010

Dave's Take

Here are some pics from the last few months.

The boys are trying to make summer come in the middle of all the spring showers. Sometimes you just can't do enough.

Although our dog hates his crate, the boys love playing in it. Something about being in cages and safe from mom and dad when they do bad things appeals to them. And no we don't stick them in there for time outs.

This is Kaelan enjoying one of the sunny days at a HUGE playground park in Roseville.

Lathan and Kaelan trying to win tickets at Chuck E Cheeses.

JJ showing off his cowboy skills.

And this last one is a picture of Haefan and his baby blues.... and an orange mouth.


Finally going to dog training classes. Loved by the boys and patient as can be. Showed Kaelan he could run faster than him by dragging him on his stomach on the way to the dog park. Loads of fun.


Walking like a pro. Loves to tackle, punch, knee, kick, body slam his best friend Fozzie.


Still a ham. With his increased vocabulary and his older brothers teaching him, he sure likes to lay down a bunch of one liners in an attempt to be dramatic.


Excited for the summer. Always trying to catch up to his older brother, in everything. Looking to really start swimming this summer. Wants to do swim team next year.


Really likes Karate. Started piano lessons after getting his cast off. Looking forward to doing swim team this summer. Going to be a fish, a tan fish, by the time summer is over.


Trying to find balance with all the things going on. Still amazing.


Surviving. The job is going great. Opportunities are opening up for me. Never know what will lie ahead. Only two weeks away from my run. Should be painfully awesome.

We are all looking forward to summer. Miss all of our Michigan friends. Looking forward to seeing the family this summer. I am out!