Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dave's Take

Happy Birthday JJ!!

Funniest quote of the week:

Scenario - the boys went to McDonald's today and got some dragon figurine. So they are flying their dragons all over the kitchen while I am making so generic tortillas.

Lathan- "Dad, I want a tortilla."

Me - "Lathan, I thought you were being a dragon. Dragon's don't like tortillas."

Lathan - Sits there and thinks for a second, then....."Well, they do if they are mexican dragons. They like really hot tortillas."

I thought that it was pretty clever and funny.

Here are some pics from Griselda's future run:


Monday, April 5, 2010

Dave's Take

Ok, so Griselda signed us up to volunteer in order to get free Disneyland tickets. That was this weekend. It was Griselda, Lathan, and I pulling weeds in a nature preserve. Lathan said that it wasn't any fun but was excited to be introduced to two things he had never seen before: poison oak, and live wild snakes. Every mother's and father's dream.

So onto the snake story.....

Griselda and I were pulling out these bushes called "broom something or other" and some were easy and some were hard. We had these special tools that would fit around the base of the plant and you could uproot them pretty easy. Well sometimes you just started to uproot them and you needed to really yank on them afterward to get them out still. So, while we were dodging the poison oak, something that Lathan was sure he had already got all over his body within thirty seconds of arriving even though he hadn't touched anything because he had some itches, and I was pulling the roots up and Griselda was pulling the top of the bush. We made some headway but really weren't all that successful. So after I used the root pulling tool and started the process, Griselda and I switched places. She was now pulling at the base and I at the top. This technique was money. The plant that we were pulling had its base covered with pine needles due to the near by trees. As we finally gave our one last pull, the plant, pine needles and a 2 1/2 foot curled up gopher snake came plopping down in our direction. Griselda ended up holding this weed / plant with a snake about 1 1/2 feet from her face. She quickly screamed. "Snake!" Everyone turns. "A BIGGGG Snake!!!" Lathan is back pedaling as fast as he can, along with Griselda. She ends up briskly walking away from the snake down the trail towards the other group volunteers. A couple of nature buffs come over and quickly explain that this is a gopher snake and not a rattle snake although it will try to mimic the rattle snake. That is, once they were able to find the "big snake". It was pretty funny to see. I told Griselda that it wasn't really that big of a snake, and that gopher snakes can get 5 - 6 feet long. She said that I wasn't as close as she was and that if I were, I would be singing a different tune. Any way, we all survived. No snake bites. No poison oak. And Lathan said that he will never volunteer again because it was soooo boring. Tough being a kid.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Haefan!!!

So onto another birthday already!

To my littlest Haefan Michael,

You have been such a blessing to our family. Your cute face has always been a welcome presence and we are enjoying every moment as you discover the world around you.

I think it is so appropriate that you being the caboose of the Skeehan boys and all, that you cannot function very well - or happily rather - without the loud noises and general chaos that comes with being the youngest of four. I find it harder to take care of your growing spirit when you are alone than when being surrounded by those rambunctious tykes. For this reason, I think getting your best puppy buddy, Fozzie Bear, couldn't have been better timed.

If only I could capture all those special moments you have with Fozzie. I am rather surprised to find out how [exactly!] similar you and Fozzie are. You have the same desires, the same interests, the same naughty behavior, and most especially, the same loyalty and capacity to love. Really, I am astonished how much alike you are to Fozzie - or vice versa. You both chew up the same stuff. You both must always sit on top of or walk over our "space" when doing various projects so that you are the focus of our attention. You eat each others food. You both love sticks and all sorts of outdoor stuff and like to bring it inside. Tennis balls are your absolute fave. The list can go on and on. Best of all, I love that no matter how Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I might be from one moment to the next, the devotion of you two and your love to me is unwavering.

I can't believe that you were brought into this world a year ago already! On the flip side, I can't believe it's only been a year!!! We've both lived a lifetime in this last year, haven't we? I have to confess that between moving across the country, moving across the street (essentially), and trying to figure out our new lives out here in California in general, the cute little traditions I so sacredly upheld through the years (i.e. taking pictures, recording phases, marking milestones) were often bypassed, or just plain forgotten. I will forever feel horrible for this...but I am so glad that we have been able to have so much fun through it all!

How it all began:

It was an early morning with your water sac breaking at 4am. You must have some sorta sick funny bone built in because you decided to be born on April 1st. First, Daddy was out near downtown Detroit moonlighting that night, so he was away from home. Second, it was EARLY, so I felt bad calling any of the people I had lined up for watching your brothers if indeed I had to make a hospital run. Third, when I tried to call Daddy on his pager and on his cell phone, I got no response. I think he was so tired from an earlier shift that even though he kept both items on his chest when he slept, he was too far gone to hear or feel a thing. So in the process of waiting and wondering what to do next, I announced it was to be your big day on Facebook, which brings me to the fourth item - NO ONE BELIEVED ME!

Thankfully, my best girlfriend there, Sheila, came to my rescue. What amazes me to this day is that she is a "single mom" like me where her husband is gone most days - and many nights - with all his work stuff. And her mom, being in town, for some reason couldn't come and help her with her own kids (Lathan and Steven were best buds in MI and that's how we met) because of an illness or something, so she got them ready and drove them over to hang out at our house at 4:30am!!!! Talk about the love. Man, do I owe her.

FINALLY Daddy called me back at about 5am. When I told him the situation, he hurried home and we were off. Except for Lathan, I had driven myself to the hospital the other times. I'm glad I had him around for that. Once inside and gowned up, I decided that even though I had done all my deliveries "naturally" without epidurals, I was going to shoot for the stars and try everything to avoid Pitosin. For those that know - that stuff is of the devil. Not fun. Makes things go fast; but with fast, comes suffering. So you, me, and Daddy walked a good 4 miles in laps around the OB floor trying to get you to drop and find your way out into this world. Well, with all that walking AND being up before the crack o' dawn, I was EXHAUSTED and relented to taking the Pit after no real progress was made in those 4 hours. After only a little bit of time - I can't remember exactly how long (I'm mixing all of them up in my head right now)- you showed your beautiful face to the world. You were the only baby that cried right away right after the delivery. It was such a relief to finally see Daddy not so stressed at that very moment of your grand entrance.

In this first year, some of the things we've done include:
Those famous hospital onesies are GINORMOUS.

Your distaste for the car seat was immediate.

You on your favorite fuzzy blanket.

Lathan has always taken such pride in caring for you.

You had a major case of jaundice and here you are "sunning."

Your last nap in our Michigan home.

Making friends at the going-away party.

This is where you lived the first two months of your life (not in the restaurant, but the sling, silly)

We went on a lot of walks in this contraption.

Post-move, Daddy was on vacation. There was no stopping him!

Another vacationing moment.

Your family loves the beach, so you (and me) will have to tough it out on those cold days.

At the Oakland Temple doing our part to support our family.

On your way up on the Gondola to see what beauty Aspen has to offer.

At the top of Aspen.

Your hair naturally Mohawked before it filled in.

One of many things to go into your mouth...

Our local community swing set is still so much fun for you.

Just starting to get used to the idea of sitting up to eat solid foods.

At a wonderful birthday breakfast at our favorite restaurant here.

You are one crazy napper.

Books are so much fun!

This is one of those times when Daddy takes a picture with his phone to see if you are actually asleep. ...And the answer is YES.

It is such a treat for you to bathe with the crew.

Sunday afternoon nap.

You love these sleeping bags. I agree, nothing like feeling hot and toasty.

For some reason, you felt the need to hold on tight while you drifted off to sleep.

Your best buddy, Fozzie.

You are so happy in that backpack. I love that Dad gets to wear it, too. :)

We love you so much! I hope you can enjoy your first birthday to the FULLEST!