Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Look for 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Fozzie Bear!!!

This is him when we were choosing him from the litter. Something like 6 weeks old.

Merry Christmas to Dave!!!

He already knows where the source of the goodies come from.

This is after the boys let him have a little too much fun in the dirt out front.

Fozzie is now 11 weeks old and we are so happy to have him in our family. He is a pain to potty train, but I'm learning very quickly what it means to have Daddy "take care" of the dog.

To My Family in Sydney


Because I'm always a slacker at posting stuff (because four little boys + a new puppy doesn't lend itself to a lot of computer time), I'm dedicating this post to Bill for his birthday. We miss Nana and Pops so much and wish we could give them REAL hugs, but this is our way of sending over the love...

This is two wild and crazy boys at Lathan's T-giving performance, standing in front of Lathan's hand-crafted turkey dude.

Can you Lathan in there? The boy to his right is his best buddy in his class, Weston, and the boy to the right of Weston is apparently the kid that is always picking on Lathan by physically assaulting him (if you only knew how this has ruffled Mama's feathers).

Lathan's proud moment in the spotlight.

The week before T-giving, my brother Jason and his kids came into town and everyone (except me and the two you see here) went to see a movie. How ironic that the Daddies went to see Twilight with all the tweens and that Mom stayed out with the tykes to enjoy her day (truly) running some errands. This is us waiting in the arcade minutes before they were out.

Here is our first sunset as new residents of the house we just bought in October.

Waiting patiently for Kaelan's school float to appear for the opportunity to participate in the old Auburn tradition of the Festival of Lights. It was COOOOLLLLLDDDD; but still, nothing like Michigan. Look at all of those boys in fleeces. We're still Michigan tough when it comes to cold.

We were excellent parents in forgetting Haefan's coat for the evening, so we picked one up at a local resale shop, but it was a couple sizes too big as you can see. He's still a doll, though, don't you think?

What a cutie-patootie.

We are finally on that float! It was a huge army personnel carrier that one of the families from the school just happened to have. Crazy.

A view of our back deck after THE crazy storm of the century. About a foot fell.

A left-side view from off the back porch. Amazing.

A view from the bathtub in the master bedroom. Spectacular.

The aforementioned bathtub overflowing because we had to go a almost two weeks without laundry machines because of shipping complications.

A field trip with our ward to the local bounce house was a ton of fun. We actually sported for all 25 kids and used it as a service project by requesting that each kid bring a brand-new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. What a great way to have fun a give back to the community.

Haefan LOVES splashing in the bath.

He also LOVES being loved.

JJ is the biggest ham.

Tonight's treat was each boy got to take a turn in the bath with Haefan. Lathan is a bit awkward and big in there with him, huh?

This past week we knew that we would be celebrating New Year's with some friends, so we did our darndest to tire the kids the days leading up to the big event so that they could go to bed early AND wake up late. Take a look at these. I think we succeeded, don't you?