Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall 2009

So my last post was full of thoughts and opinions, but lacked the photos. This post will be the inverse of the last.

We couldn't get enough of the access to the gaming systems at Best Buy.

A fun weekend with Dito and Lucy in Roseville.

The beginning of our fun day headed to the school field trip to the local pumpkin patch (J.J. decided to leave the interior light on the night before).

We made it!

Our "new" house. Lots to fix, lots to look forward to.

First on the list is this driveway. J.J. hasn't visited this home yet without tearing up the skin on his hands (in a major way) from the rough-rock finish. It has been a couple of weeks of "owies" that don't seem to heal.

Having fun at Costco one day.

A morning treat in San Francisco before heading to the CA Academy of Sciences.

Inside the science museum (which is AWESOME). You can't see it, but there is beautiful coral beneath these lights.

The top of the rain forest exibit - it was HOT. Not too different from MI in the summer.

The cutest boys on the planet.

An awesome view of the De Young Museum in the background. I love SF on a blue-bird day.

We took a moment to experience a POSITIVE adventure on the S.F. cement slides (our last trip Lathan took a hard tumble and had a bloody nose with some good scrapes on his face). Poor guy; but I'm so proud that he took the plunge again and without fear.

Dad is SO good at multi-tasking. Check him out.

Elementary school Halloween parade with the little boys taking the party into their own hands.

My new dear friend Alicia LOVES my Haefan. The love is always returned.

On our way to the 1st grade field trip to the local science center.

Sister Gagon is J.J.'s nursery teacher at church. He LOVES her and was so happy to play with her at the science center.

These two are the cutest, aren't they? J.J. loves to be included in Haefan's play time. This isn't normally how things are done, so I had to capture it.

I'll post videos some other time. Lots of those, too!

Dear Blogosphere...

I haven't had the time or the energy to blog. And with every passing day, I have so much more to update. I have four ADORABLE little boys that do so many hilarious (and naughty) things each day. I'm so thankful that my brother (uncle Dito, as he is affectionately called) calls often and I can tell him the odds and ends of raising a crazy little brood.
But throughout the day, I think of posting something short and sweet - even just posting my status on Facebook has taken a back seat. Whaa? I can't even write ONE sentence about my day? I know. It just seems that it's too much to try to sum up my life in one sentence, I suppose. It has gotten to the point that my thoughts have had no resting place. I have random thoughts all the time - a lot of them that even make me chuckle aloud (isn't this one of the signs of insanity). So here is a glimpse into the the mind of a mom on an accelerated path to the land of insanity:

*Why is it that when people are deficient in sight (aka: need glasses) can't hear well without their glasses on/contacts in?

*I think it's funny that stay-at-home moms are the hardest to get a hold of over the phone. Shouldn't we rethink that moniker? Perhaps not-at-home mom?

*Even when I do have my cell phone handy, I can't ever seem to get to it fast enough before I miss the call. What gives? Under pressure, I have such sticky fingers!

*There is a "hands-free" traffic law here in CA that states you may converse on your cell phone, but it must be hands-free. Well, I was a little slow learning this. I took it as ear-free cell usage. I thought I could use the speaker feature just fine in the car. It took getting pulled over with cell-phone in hand (but not on my ear!) to relearn the phrase, "hands-free." Thankfully, no citation was issued.

*Why is it every time I go visiting teaching (where I usually agree to pick up my partner since I have all the car seats) I am DANGEROUSLY low on gas? Seriously - EVERY time. I am always running late, so getting gas just has to wait since everyone lives within a couple of miles. Let me explain how low I get. Since having our van (the dealer explained that we have a 16-gallon tank), the MOST I've ever filled up is something like 16.4 gallons of gas - and that was a super-empty day. Since moving here I have filled up twice (at different gas stations, so there can't really be a conspiracy) with shocking amounts. Once with 17.5 gallons and this last time 18.4 gallons!!!! I think that this could qualify as a modern-day miracle. Fitting, too. I think our Father in Heaven is keeping me running to get my visiting teaching done (I have to confess that I was a poor visiting teacher in MI). It's got to be the blessings from service.

*It's no secret that I DESPISE the smell of cigarette smoke. California is probably the most restrictive when it comes to smoking in public places; but alas, people STILL smoke. So Dave and I are loading the kids in the van and as we pull away, I notice that the van smells like cigarette smoke - YUCK! So I started wondering. What if I just tooted wherever and whenever I wanted - in a public setting - but limiting myself to those same places that smokers are allowed to light up. Then could I just walk by someone in a parking lot, let one nasty one go and not think twice?? With no apologies either. Isn't this the same? Just think of the possibilities! Oh the faces of those folks who drive away, trapped inside with their windows shut and a natural stink-bomb lurking. No escaping it. Ohhhh, the fun!

*It is so strange that REALLY tired = super hyperactive children. Why?

*I have a tendency to talk too much to avoid silence and not listen enough. I'm sorry to all of my friends for this.

*I also have a tendency to say yes to too many things. Even when I KNOW that whatever is asked is above my natural ability. For instance, I said yes to someone from the Spanish branch here to give a 15-20 talk IN SPANISH. Did I mention the path to insanity already?

*One thing I learned (and continue to learn) from my mom is that life here on earth is a place to LIVE. Why do so many people spend so much energy and time looking to make others miserable or unhappy? Rude people, you know who you are. Some people just will never get it.

*I have beautiful boys and for the most part, beautifully behaved boys as well. That is until you stick a needle for vaccination in front Kaelan. This is when all bets are off, the $%&* hits the fan, the decorum deteriorates, and the primal scream of terror penetrates walls thick enough to sustain a nuclear disaster. The highlight for me is having this occur in a gymnasium full of families we are just barely getting to know. Sadly, all I could do is laugh to the point of near delirium. A poor showing for all of us, really - a horribly behaved kid with a cold, heartless mom.

*I know He promises that even though it was never supposed to be easy, it was only supposed to be worth it. Does anyone know if somewhere in there He promised a vacation?

*I like to unwind by watching funny TV and below I've included some clips that I find hilarious (most likely because they are essentially what I experience everyday to some degree).

Below is a clip taken directly from my daily routine.

I sometimes think J.J. has a striking similarity to a character on Saturday Night Live by the name of Gilly. Here is a sample of her in action.

Halloween Highlights

Still SO MANY more to post, but I thought I would try to get a couple up right now before heading to bed.