Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dave's Take

So, Kaelan had to go to the bathroom during church on Sunday. As I am standing watch at the stall door, he starts to ask me questions.

Kaelan - "Daddy, when I am married can I go to your class?"

Me - "Of course you can."

Kaelan - "Daddy, when am I going to get married?"

Me - "Hopefully not for a long time."

Kaelan - "Will I have a big shirt?"

Me - "Yep"

Kaelan - "Will I have a big tie?"

Me - "Yep"

Kaelan - "Will I have a big buckle?"

Me - "Yep"

Kaelan - "Will I have a big head?"

In case you never noticed, I have a large cranium and that last question made me loose it. Gotta love those kids.

Family update:


Starting to talk. Can repeat 2 or 3 syllable words. Being a little pill the last few days.


Loves to help cook. Loves to help clean. Getting a lot more conversant asking lots of questions.


Still a little mischievous. Loves his school. Knows the fifty states.


Pregnancy suits her well. Cute as cute can be. Loves the clean house. Looking forward to our interviews in Oregon and California.


Definitely doing the job thing. My long shot at the fellowship didn't pan out; however, I'm not sure if it was going to suit me in the long run anyway. Procedures were fun but would require me to work in a larger medical center than I think that I want to be in. Anyway, the first week of December we have 4 interviews in California and Oregon. We will update what comes of our interviews when we get back. Also, our family was VERY sorry to see BYU suck it up SO bad. We are really broken up about it. GO UTES!!! BCS here we come!


p.s. Happy Birthday Pete.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drumroll please.....

I know that I've been put here for a purpose, but many times I wonder what that purpose is; I think I'm JUST beginning to figure it out.
Today was a special day where the whole family got to see a little peanut moving in Mama's belly.
Sometimes we need constant reminders to keep us on the straight and narrow path; and sometimes we need to be hit over the head to learn a particular lesson.

A family is forever and we are happy to have such a beautiful one.

Being so lucky, I can't wait to welcome another Skeehan into our home.
Our family has so much to look forward to with a new baby and a big move, but hopefully not a BIG baby.
You probably have figured out this post, but just in case you have not, I will be glad to clarify!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dave's Take

No time for an official entry currently, but I overheard my boys playing and couldn't resist posting this line. First, some background. It started with Lathan yelling to Kaelan in reference to JJ while Griselda and I were talking in the kitchen.. Needless to say, we both stopped, and starred........

"KAELAN, QUICK!!!! Chop off his head!!!"

Gotta love the boys playing swords.

By the way, JJ still has his head. Kaelan couldn't go through with it.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

What One More Hour Can Do...

Well, believe it or not. I'm blogging. I won't even think about catching up, since I can just save all the good stuff for the Xmas letter later (not as far away as I'd like to think!). But at least I thought I would include all the Halloween madness this past week with a few of the other odds and ends.

We had a fun-filled week with decorating the pumpkins, cookies, and costumes. We have had the privilege of making or getting together two costumes for the past couple of years for every Halloween (a major headache, but always fun to see the results) because the kids go to a school where they transform Halloween into "International Day." It's a lot of fun and so educational for all involved. Since I thought the traditional Chilean/Mexican garb I have was a bit too cumbersome and hot, I thought I'd do something different - but SIMPLE. They both wore Tupenus and Ta-ovalas, representing Tonga. Think: The Other Side of Heaven feature film from Disney. It was a lot more work than I wanted to do, but it was nice to have a project that I actually completed! Since both Kaelan and Lathan go to the same school and are in the same class, they learn the same songs, but Kaelan's age-group's retention is limited, so Lathan's Kindergarten class had a lot more learning to do for the performance. Lathan had a solo and also recited all 50 states in alphabetical order as part of a song - so cute!!! I was lucky enough to have my friend Sheila (Lathan's best friend's mom) let JJ come over to play with her little boy while their Grandma Gwen so graciously watched them both during the whole festival. Because I had to head back to their house for his pick-up we ended up making a fun lunch out of it and a long playdate.

By the time we came home at 3:30, I was so spent that I couldn't even imagine actually having to go out that night for the festivities, too! I could not bring myself to get up off of the couch for a long while. We had a good night, but we were all BEYOND EXHAUSTED.

The boys got into their other costumes for the night. Lathan was Bumblebee from the Transformers, Kaelan was a muscle-y Spiderman and we were going to put JJ in his Robin (Batman-Robin) costume, then changed our minds and made him a surgeon for the night. No scalpels, though. Just swords.

There was so much more we did this weekend, but I'm sorta tired of sitting here and typing - plus I don't have any pictures to show off what we did (even though I tried to remember the camera with obviously no real success - we even went to a black-tie event!).