Friday, May 23, 2008

Dave's Take II

Here are two reasons that you should never be engaged with vehicles of any kind and be on a cell phone.....

Dave's Experience

OK, about 3 months ago my residency had a meeting with a bumper-car activity afterward. It wasn't straight bumper cars though, there was a ball and some long plastic scoops that you could use to pass and catch the ball. Also, at either end of the court there were hoops that you could score on. Anyway, the cars went pretty fast, didn't have the standard car steering wheel but some makeshift steering wheel that worked backwards than that of a car. Pretty weird. Anyway, I always picked out the fastest car and so my story begins. There was a break between games, so I thought that I would call Griselda and let her know that I would be home soon. So, I had one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on the phone. While talking to her, the game started. No problem, I just kept circling in the corner on my car avoiding all the action. The action moved far down the warehouse so I was safe. All the sudden, the other team got the ball, hucked in my direction, and everyone started coming straight at me. Now the predicament. I only have two hands. One is steering. One is holding the phone. The scoop is between my legs. So I had to act fast. I quickly decided to let go of the steering wheel, grab the scoop, get the ball and save the day. What actually happened was, I crashed full speed into the wall, came all the way out of my seat to standing position, popped the top of the car off into two pieces, all the while talking on the phone as if nothing had happened. People still are talking about "the crash" to this date and I still get garbage about talking on my cell......but I am not the only one with a funny phone story.

Griselda, is going to be doing a triathlon next weekend. It is at a local county / state park and involves a lake swim, mountain bike ride, and then a trail / street run. Griselda wanted to go over the course for the mountain bike portion just so that she would know what to expect. So yesterday we went. Truthfully, it is a pretty technical course. A lot of single track, logs, close trees, rock sections, steep hills, the works. So, we climb to the top of the first big hill and head down, Griselda going crazy fast. She has this theory that it is safer to stop at the bottom then try to brake while descending. Crazy. Anyway, we missed a turn off and so we had to go right back up our crazy down hill portion. As an aside, we had some friends watching our boys and told them to call our phone if they had any issues. Half way through the climb the phone rings. Instead of stopping, Griselda grabs the phone out of her pocket and keeps riding while talking on the phone. Eventually, it got too steep for her to do this so she pops her left foot out of her pedals and leans to the....right side. As she realizes the mistake and frantically tries to get her foot out, she continues to talk as if nothing was happening. So imagine watching her tip over with no intention of avoiding the fall, having at this point submitted to the inevitable, all the while talking on the phone as if nothing was going on. Then as she hits the dirt, she goes, hmmmpppp. Only then did the phone conversation stop and get replaced with uncontrolled laughter. Here is Griselda, sprawled out over the whole trail, clipped into her pedals, trying to talk on the phone all the while laughing uncontrollable. You really had to be there......

Griselda thought that I was pretty funny yesterday too. I didn't fall but every time I would get close I would let out a loud grunt. I must have sounded like a large boar in heat or something, grunting all over the stinking forest. In our defense, I haven't ridden a mountain bike since I was seventeen. Have never ridden with clip-in pedals or shocks. Of course Griselda hasn't either but she is / was a professional athlete for goodness sake. Anyway, enough excuses.

Anyway, the message is that Griselda is crazy fast on a downhill mountain trail, can't clip out of her right pedal on demand, and that I absolutely shouldn't be trusted with multitasking while driving and talking on the phone.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dave's Take

I just spent half an hour on a post that got erased due to an "error". Hmmmmm, so here is the nitty gritty.


Clingy. Walking. Pooping a lot. Fun kid.


Little old man. No memory. Hitting brothers.


Reading. Pee pee that looks like a pig.


Clipless pedals and falling. Triathlon next weekend.


Working. 1st Tri in september. Gotta lose the winter weight.

Going camping at the tip of the thumb. Look for pics next week.

Sorry for the outline format. Stories were really much more detailed, I just can't bring myself to write it all out again.

Dave Skeehan

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dave's Take

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Moms, you guys are awesome. Seriously under paid. Hardly any recognition of what you do. Really no time off. Constantly working overtime. Always having to do odd jobs that really don't seem to be in your job description. You guys are amazing. So many people are who they are today because of you and what you do. Working hand in hand with God to make and mold men and women of stature. I truly think that God has a special place in his heart for all women, especially mothers.

I would like to thank my mother and also my wife Griselda for always keeping me on track. Smacking me upside the head when I start to veer off course. Thanks for always supporting me. Always telling me I can do everything even if you had your doubts. With your help I know that my boys can be superstars or even super heroes if they want.

Thanks Mom. And a very special thanks to me incredible, talented, extremely intelligent, beautiful, spontaneous, patient, loving Griselda.


P.s. we are all doing fine. Anxious for the summer.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Official...

I've been tagged - no nothing more than that. It seems that I've been able to get away with not having to do a "tagged" for some time. But my time has come it seems and I thought that I would do it to avoid being a poop. While I'm at it, though, I thought I'd add a few more photos from our awesome California getaway!

We were going on an evening walk in Lake Tahoe and needed some extra insulation; these were the only available options that night. I can't believe my dad actually still wears these!

Betsy and her electric personality coming out again.

Betsy is such a fun mom. Can't help but feel her energy rub off on me.

Fun in Reno.

Neither one of these guys wanted to pose. It could've been so cute, but JJ was a bit cranky.

OK, on to the tagged....

Rules: Answer these 8 questions and tag 5 people...

WHAT WAS I DOING 10 YEARS AGO? I was finishing up my professional snowboarding competitive half-pipe tour and preparing for the most awesomest wedding to the most grooviest and lovablest guy ever (June 1998).

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST. Besides laundry? I guess I want to live in a foreign country where we could learn a new language. Serve a mission. Teach my boys all I know. Have another baby.

SNACKS I ENJOY? The organic Oreos that are made by the local supermarket brand here. Chocolate-dipped strawberries (even if the chocolate is in non-melted form - essentially choco chips and strawberries).

IF I WERE A BILLIONAIRE, WHAT WOULD I DO? Definitely never have debt again, then take each family (immediate, then extended, then friends, etc.) on awesome vacations where we could learn new cultures while still getting a tan, or even learn new skills, then start an awesome business doing something, I guess. Of course, something philanthropic, too. Don't know if I could narrow it down at this moment and to think that hard when I don't really have the money sorta feels like a waste of time right now.

3 BAD HABITS? No, not me. Ya, right. Ok, ok, ok. First, coming to terms with my faults and shortcomings (I'm aware of them, I just don't like to acknowledge and resolve or diminish them). Second, I have to pick at myself (nails, scabs, peeling skin, etc.). Third, not remembering or keeping in the forefront of my mind other people's birthdays/special days and acknowledging it.

PLACES I'VE LIVED. Grew up in Saratoga, CA. Then went to Provo, UT. Government Camp, OR. Sandy and Salt Lake City, UT. Mountain View, CA., Kirksville, MO. Wyandotte, MI and now Clinton Township. Sadly, this list doesn't reflect how many times I've moved. Thankfully, we are slowing down in that category now.

5 JOBS I'VE HAD. A lab rat (well, really I was working in a lab taking care of discarded samples that never made it for testing), a barista (for those of you unaware that is someone who serves coffee drinks and the like), a bus-girl for a fancy restaurant, a snow park and pipe maintenance worker, and a professional snowboarder.

5 THINGS PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME. I'm a constant worrier. I am a pack rat. I am a perfectionist. I used to weigh under 100 pounds as a healthy adult. I LOVE Martha Stewart.

Are you happy Judy? I did it! Now I'm tagging, um, no one? But I'd LOVE to see Mimi, Heather Hall, and Bill Skeehan do something like this.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Crazy-Cool California Captured on Camera

So there really is SO much that I've got and want to post. So I figure I'll do a little bit at a time. The first being the craziest, and coolest stuff. First, do you recall me mentioning those crazy SF slides in a previous post? Well, here is the video. Shortly after these were taken Lathan was bloody from a flying episode. I'm still learning with this parenting thing. Apparently I need to be more cautious with my children. I didn't think that was possible, but I think it's necessary, don't you?

Next, we had the chance to go snowboarding at Squaw for a day (Thanks Betsy!!!!). Here is a highlight from that. How lucky were we?

Finally, I was able to visit with some old high school buddies. I know you are dying to see the photos, Saratoga posse, so here they are!

Together Again!

Finally, I'm whole again.

The truth is that I cannot locate the USB attachment to upload our awesome Cali pics because I haven't unpacked completely, so I will just update right now without pictures (SORRY!!!). I thought since I can't show you the pictures, I would make this post an homage to my wonderful husband. To help in doing so, I included a song from my favorite American Idol, Brooke White, who was cut last week. So sad, but somebody's gotta go.

Dave met us at the airport last night at 1:30am and we waited and waited and waited for the luggage to come. We finally arrived home at 3am and were in bed by 3:30. A long night, for sure. On top of that, Dave didn't snooze at all (even though being exhausted from all his late work hours and moonlighting) because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to wake up again for our airport pickup (he doesn't respond to alarms when this tired - even smoke alarms, which is a bit scary). What a guy! He really was taking every precaution to take care of his family. I feel so bad that he's almost no sleep because of us, though.

While I was separated from him, Dave worked his tail off - sorta literally. He worked REALLY late hours at work and so badly wanted to help me out still that he wrenched his back in the process. I asked him to clean our great room carpet IF he had the time. Well, he really didn't, but did it anyway. He also was sprawled out on the floor trying to put the furniture back since moving the bigger pieces threw his back out. What commitment and determination! I am so impressed. He also vacuumed the our minivan AND mowed the lawn - while it was raining on Saturday after he finished his rounds at the hospital!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness. I didn't know he had it in him. He's raised the bar. Now I'll be expecting so much more from him ;)

Anyway. I'll post again once I find the connector and can upload pictures. Lots to post, but it will have to happen after the kids are in bed. Thanks for such a great time California! We can't wait until we can make it home again.